About Us

The state of war in Israel creates a challenge to businesses with clients abroad. The absence of professional workforce can hurt business relations and opportunities.

We are a group of experienced multi-language customer-facing professionals who wish to volunteer and assist Israeli businesses with critical customer-facing tasks during the times of war.

Our core strength is our global network and reach, Our mission is to bridge the current prevent loss of business during these difficult times.

Meet The Team

Daniel Sarfati

Daniel Sarfati

Master Connector

Tomer Jakov

Tomer Jakov

Business development, strategy and sales

“2003: right before the start of the Iraq war I was at CEBIT in Hannover, Germany. Lufthansa canceled all flights to Israel and my company, which had spent a gazillion dollars (for us) on the booth, booked us on an emergency ELAL flight and took all us Israelis back home. To understand the feeling: at the time my wife was home alone with a two year old and newborn and there was a real fear that Iraq would use chemical weapons against Israeli cities.
Right after we left, some of our competitors jumped into action. They were all over our customers explaining that “there is no company anymore” or “they closed the factory after it was bombed” or even “there is no Israel anymore” so THEY SHOULD BUY FROM THEM INSTEAD.

This time we are stepping in to defend and support the Israeli economy

With so many people on the front it’s inevitable that some contacts will be delayed. We have “drafted” volunteers, veterans of international business, sales and support to make sure no contact is compromised and no deal is lost. Our volunteers speak any language required and can hold their own with customers anywhere.
Because this time to support our economy, we need every customer and every deal.”


Do you have business connections abroad?
Do you have experience in calling or receiving customer or support calls?
Are you fluent in languages?